The Paintback scheme is operated by Paintback Ltd (PBL). Paintback is a not-for-profit organisation governed by a board of directors, with an independent chair. All surplus funds are to be used for the company’s objectives and cannot be distributed to its members.

Paintback's objectives are to:

  • Implement the Paintback scheme by receiving the funds raised from the waste levy and contracting with local governments and waste service providers for the collection and safe disposal of unwanted paint and packaging;
  • Promote education, awareness and information activities for Paintback;
  • Monitor, audit and report on the development of the scheme; and  
  • Administer a substantial program of research into new end-of-life uses for waste paint.

Paintback's constitution establishes a board of directors who are highly skilled and experienced to be responsible for the oversight and proper management of the organisation, including an independent chairman. It is operated by a management team and Chief Executive, accountable to the Paintback Board.

As a company limited by guarantee, the company must comply with the Corporation’s Act 2010. It is registered with the Australian Charities and Not-for-profit Commission. The levy has been authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

Paintback Limited Board of Directors

  • Lucia Cade



    Non-executive director in utilities, manufacturing, innovation, commercialisation, research & development and investment. 

    Qualifications: BEng (Hons), B Ec, M Eng Sci, MBA, FAICD, FIEAust

    “There is enormous beneficial potential in having an industry led, research informed approach to product lifecycle that provides great environmental custodianship to match great customer service. This is the future of industry accountability to manage the world’s precious resources"

  • Murray Scott

    Independent Director, Chair of R&D Committee


    Directorships, Adjunct Professorships, R & D, Commercialisation

    Qualifications: BEng, MSc, FTSE, FAICD, FAIM, FIEAust, CPEng, EngExec

    “It is exciting to be developing a portfolio of new technologies to help achieve the best possible paint product stewardship outcomes for Australia.”

  • Patrick Jones



    DuluxGroup, Chief Operating Officer

    Qualifications: BBus(Hons), CPA

    “We saw an opportunity to do something proactive and work with our peers to take responsibility for an industry problem, rather than rely on the government regulation.”

  • Rod Walton



    Haymes Paint, Chief Executive Officer

    Qualifications: BCom

    “This has been a genuine collaboration and we have had support from all levels of government from the start.”

  • Karen Gomez

    Chief Executive Officer



    Qualifications: BA(Comm) Hons, MBA

    “It is the opportunity to undertake lifecycle thinking with the supply chain and support the community’s commitment to recycling, turning paint’s colourful past into a brighter future.”

  • Glen Mitchell



    Sherwin-Williams, Sales Director

    Qualifications: BCom

    “We see strong support from across the industry to find innovative ways of growing end of life product use.”