Paintback Board Announces Resignation of CEO and Managing Director Karen Gomez and Interim Appointment of John Ferraro.

Paintback Board Announces Resignation of CEO and Managing Director Karen Gomez and Interim Appointment of John Ferraro.

Leadership Transition Marks New Chapter for Paintback Ltd

Paintback Board Announces Resignation of CEO and Managing Director Karen Gomez and Interim Appointment of John Ferraro.

[Melbourne, 13/2/24] — The Paintback Ltd Board has been advised by Karen Gomez, Chief Executive and Managing Director that she will resign effective 1 February 2024. “I am sorry to announce the resignation of Karen Gomez as Chief Executive and Managing Director” said Lucia Cade, Chair of the Board. “I recently met with Karen who informed me that she considers the timing is right for her to farewell Paintback, as it is poised to enter a new phase through the Paint Circular Economy HQ (PaCE), which calls for different capabilities to lead this exciting new project through to implementation and operation, to provide the engine room for the research and innovation that is at the heart of Paintback’s purpose. Ms Gomez, who was the inaugural leader of Paintback Ltd, said her time with Paintback has been a highlight of her career. “It has been a real sweet spot of all the things I enjoy in a professional capacity – strategy, diverse stakeholders and the opportunity to bring all my commercial skills and experience to making a difference for industry and the community,” said Ms Gomez.

Over the past 8 years Karen has built Paintback, with the help of many people over that time, to become a leading product stewardship scheme on behalf of the Australian paint manufacturers and resellers. Karen has shown unwavering dedication and passion to Paintback over this period and has been central to the overall success of the organisation. 

To ensure a seamless leadership transition, the Paintback Board proudly announces the interim appointment of John Ferraro as Chief Executive. With extensive experience in senior leadership roles at Paintback, Tassal, and Pact, Mr. Ferraro brings a wealth of expertise to the role. Expressing confidence in Mr. Ferraro's ability to guide Paintback through this phase, Lucia Cade emphasized, 'John's extensive experience, particularly in creating business activations like an operations hub, perfectly aligns with Paintback's mission. We trust in his vision to lead the organization seamlessly through this exciting new chapter.' The organization looks ahead with enthusiasm, embracing the opportunities presented by the PaCE.

John Ferraro, the newly appointed Interim Chief Executive, expressed his excitement for the future, stating, 'I am excited to have the opportunity to step into the role of Interim Chief Executive at Paintback Ltd and I am energised by the opportunities that lie ahead.' He further added, 'As a leading stewardship organisation, Paintback has always been at the forefront of ingenuity and together with our incredible team and the support of our community and stakeholders, I look forward to leveraging and continuing to live our core values of inclusivity, collaboration, inspiration, innovation and responsibility.' Mr. Ferraro also highlighted the significance of the upcoming venture with the PaCE, saying, 'The upcoming venture with PaCE is a significant chapter for Paintback, and I am fully committed to driving our organisation forward during this transformative period. Together with the energy and dedication from the senior leaders in our business, Melanie Davies and Rachael Roberts, we are focussed towards a sustainable and innovative future.' He concluded by expressing 'I believe that by embracing the opportunities presented by PaCE, we can make a lasting impact, not only within our industry but also in contributing to a brighter and more sustainable future for all.'

Ms. Cade concluded, 'We extend our deepest gratitude to the Paintback community for your ongoing support. Together, with John Ferraro leading the way, we are confident in the continued success of Paintback as we ingeniously build a better future with Australia’s unwanted paint and packaging.'

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