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Top 5 FAQ's

Your question may be more common than you think. Check out our most asked questions below or visit our Household or Trade FAQs for more information.

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01. Where is my nearest location?

Your nearest drop-off point can be found through our website, visit our Find A Location page and search your address to find the closest location to you.

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02. How much can I drop off to a Paintback location?

Paintback accepts up to 100 litres of paint in containers no bigger than 20 litres. All paint products must be secured in the original containers they were purchased in.

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03. Is it free to drop off?

Paintback is a free to drop-off service funded by a 15-cent levy on all participating brands at point of purchase. Check out our Accepted Products list before visiting any dedicated Paintback location.

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04. What products can I drop off to a Paintback location?

For a complete list of products that can be dropped-off at any dedicated Paintback location, visit our Accepted Products page.

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05. Why is there a limit on the amount of paint I can bring back?

The limit on returning products is in place to ensure there is enough space for others to drop-off their unwanted products and for the safety of Paintback visitors and location operators.

Many states in Australia have a legal limit on transporting chemicals by vehicle. The drop-off limit supports this by only allowing up to 100 litres maximum to be brought to any dedicated Paintback location.

The 100-litre maximum is based on the capacity of the container, not the volume of waste paint left in a container.

Only empty containers can be stacked inside larger empty containers if the largest container size does not exceed 20 litres. This practice allows our collection locations to maximise space in the collection bins and provides everyone the opportunity to use the bins safely.

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